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Glance The Hair and Skin Clinic

About Glance!

We are a team of experts in New Day Hair and skin treatments to cater the Modern day society to give their Hair and skin healthy-looking.
We work and endeavour with our Medico- cosmetology advancements to make people confident and beautiful.

Some of the services we provide

At Glance, we treat several skin concerns that trouble today's youth that are a bane to one's confidence. Some of the services we provide are - Acne & Scar Treatments, Chemical peels and medi - facials, Anti - Dandruff Treatments, Hair Regrowth Treatment.

And we are known for our exclusive Hair Transplantation services.

Advantages of Our Treatments

We specialize our treatments that are dedicated to combat everyday skin and hair issues for all ages. Whether it might be a genetic trouble or a lifestyle hitch, we deeply analyze the root causes for your issues and provide customized treatments that suit your concerns.

Experienced Doctors

We host experienced Dermatologists to take precise and tender care for various types of skin and hair troubles.

Deep Counselling

We provide exclusive and custom counselling sessions after a deep diagnosis of your skin and hair’s underlying issues.

Completely Flexible

We understand your concerns. So, the treatments are made to make you feel completely relaxed and at ease.

Our Hair Services

We are known for our Extensive Hair Care Treatments. Hair loss to Anti – Dandruff treatments to curb dandruff and other scalp issues, we got your back! Our hair care experts provide exclusive Hair – Transplant services.

Our Skin Services

We Specialize in various treatments to achieve a flawless, youthful skin or to treat acne - troubled skin. We host an expert team of dermatologists to analyze and understand the underlying skin issues and provide a treatment, handpicked just for your skin.

100% Effective Results

Our Treatments are very holistic and result – oriented. We strive to provide the best medical advice to our customers and the various services we expertise in are designed to treat specific areas of skin and hair concerns.

Concern - Specific Skin Treatments.

All skin-types are different! so are the skin-concerns that plague different skin types. It is not always the same underlying issue that causes similar problems to different people. So, we perform a deep diagnosis of your concern to give you the best skin treatment that is comfortable and very effective.

Exclusive Hair Transplantation Treatment.

Receding hairline, Hair loss, pre-mature greying and spot baldness is becoming a major concern for today's generation. So we use advanced technologies and highly sophisticated treatments to deal with all your hair woes.

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