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Hair loss is a becoming a common problem seen among all age groups from early 20’s to late 50’s, which occurs due to progressive thinning and excessive shedding of scalp hair. At Glance hair and Skin Clinic we provide the best hair services for all your hair problems.

We have a great success rate and a profound clientle to boast of our achievements thus far in the Hair Treatment services in Hyderabad.

At Glance hair and Skin Clinic we provide the best hair services for all your hair problems.
Anti Dandruff Treatment High Frequency Treatment

Anti Dandruff Treatment

An itchy scalp / Dandruff also known as scalp pruritus, is a common condition. It can be caused by a number of factors and can be a symptom of an underlying medical condition.
In some cases, the itchiness may be accompanied by flakiness, scaly patches, bumps, and even hair loss. Hair loss may occur when scratching is aggressive or the scalp condition affects the structure or strength of the hair follicles. Once the underlying scalp condition is treated, the hair usually regrows.

Signs that you should seek medical treatment for your itchy scalp and any subsequent hair loss include:
itchiness that’s so severe it interrupts your sleep or interferes with your normal activities scalp that’s burning or sore to the touch crusty patches on your scalp bald patches, or if you’re losing hair in clumps or you see unexpected hair thinning

Alopeica Areata Treatment

observing sudden patchy hairloss anywhere on scalp and facial hairs is areata.. It happens as immune system attacks your part of body and also due to severe stress When to see Doctor The time you see more than 1cm circular patch of Hairloss.

Glance Alopeica Areata Treatment
hair Loss control Treatment

Hair Loss Control Treatment

Some skin conditions that cause an itchy scalp and hair loss are beyond your control. But recognizing and treating the condition promptly — with special shampoos, changes in diet, or a visit to a dermatologist — is key to effective treatment and limiting hair loss.

Hair Regrowth Treatment

This treatment involves injecting the healing and growth factors from our own blood into the hair and providing natural results..
Right fit for the treatment:
If you are not willing to go for surgical hair Transplant One can opt for this to see happy hairs through this non surgical procedure We at GLANCE offer this with the best assured and completely pain less procedure done by our expertised aesthetic surgeons

Hair Regrowth Treatment

Hair Transplantation Treatment

Hair Transplant can be considered when hair loss is stabilized. As a rule of thumb, patients can consider hair transplant as per their grade and level of thinning after consulting a expert.

Beard & Moustache Transplantation

We have a generation of men who are embracing their whiskers and letting their beards reach new lengths..
What if you are unable to grow your beard?
You can probably enjoy that if you consider beard and moustache hair restoration and if you are,now it’s time to get it by more advanced DHI methods

What’s the process like?
With Follicular unit extraction / DHI methods The Hair will be moved from the donor site and placed in the gaps created.
In about 90 days your beard will have completed its growth and most hair follicles will have settled into place.

This helps to restore hair where hair is sparse or nonexistent, such as sideburns, cheek beard, goatee, or mustache. Our Panel of Aestheticians at Glance has years of experience helping people restore their hair – and their confidence!


Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment

SMP is non-invasive treatment done to camouflage the hair density and for one who’s unwilling to go for hair Transplant also one who Do NOt have SAFE DONOR. Who’s right fit for SMP This is suitable at any stage of hairloss, all ages and gender.

Our Hair care experts will work with your hair pattern and hair shade to give a natural hair looks by using pigmented microneedles to the scalp.

Hair Replacement Services

GLANCE , provides you the finest quality of customised human hair replacement Services with no downtime and completely safe process.

Right fit candidate for HRS
Well, anyone considering hair color, texture, thinning, baldness, density and choose to have their own style is perfect fit for HRS irrespective of Gender.

Different methods of attachment As available in clipping, tapping and Bonding Can be decided as per your convenience.

Maintenance for HRS
It’s very super simple monthly maintenance with no requirement of medications or any kind of surgical/ invasive processes and takes time same as haircut.

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