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Privacy Policy

The Glance Clinic in Hyderabad is dedicated to providing top-tier and superior health & wellness services in India. The Glance Clinic is devoted to taking actions that will respect the privacy of people who use our specialised services to the fullest extent possible. We guarantee that everyone who visits our website,, and the Glance Clinic at GS TOWERS, Himayath Nagar, Hyderabad, will be completely anonymous and discreet. It must be understood that “Glance Clinic” refers to the company, its affiliates, and all related businesses, services, personnel, and personnel working remotely.

We fully respect the privacy of everyone whose information is provided to us when they visit our official website or clinic to receive cutting-edge health and wellness treatments. However, in order to provide streamlined and dependable services, we might need specific information about our users. Except as noted in your site’s Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and Disclaimer pages, we never disclose any extra personal information about users without their knowledge or permission.

The website’s owner

The Glance Clinic is the owner and operator of this website. Every mention to Glance Clinic is assumed to relate to The only owner of all information and content offered on this website is Glance Clinic, and Glance Clinic retains all rights to distribution and servicing.

What kind of data does Glance gather?

Only the users’ personal identification information will be collected by Glance Clinic. In order to establish a relationship based on trust and loyalty, we will only collect information with the users’ full awareness and consent. We collect and compile data on users’ visits to our website that would identify their unique home server or IP address, but never their email address. This data helps us determine the most popular content and areas of our website that people are interested in, as well as the efficacy and dependability of our marketing services. Information of this nature is required for what Glance Clinic provides.

A cookie is a particular little file on your particular web browser that tends to gather some basic data about a person’s web surfing and visiting preferences and behaviour. The tracking provided by cookies enables us to target users who have varied requirements and preferences. Cookies are used on our website to analyse website activity and help us provide a better and more enriched user experience. Cookies do not access or use data kept on the computer’s internal drives and files. Additionally, it doesn’t access any personal data like name, age, email, address, or phone number. Glance Clinic accepts cookies right away, but users can choose to reject them by changing their browser settings.

Internet Protocol (IP) Address

Users’ IP (Internet Protocol) addresses are typically associated with the specific location from which they would be accessing the Internet, such as their home, campus, or Internet service provider. The IP address may be used by us to run the website and analyse server issues, collect broad demographic data, and respond to the individual needs of our visitors.

External Links

Additionally, we might include connections to select outside websites whose material we think our viewers might find interesting. We don’t have any control over the specific privacy practises of such external sites and as a result, we don’t conduct any personal reviews on the privacy practises of such external sites. Instead, our staff thoroughly reviews and analyses these websites beforehand to ensure their appropriateness and reliability for the audience. Visitors to these external sites may provide personally identifying information. We advise you to study the user and privacy policies of these external sites before using them.


We may ask our users for certain personal identification information in order to provide them with products, specialised services, and information about health, medicine, skincare, hair care, and other topics. In rare circumstances, additional optional information such as age, birthdate, gender, and others may be requested.

Their email address would be added to our website’s mailing list if users choose to sign up for the newsletter. Your email address is only going to be used for this. No one else’s mailing list will ever include your email address. Additionally, only the user’s email address would be disclosed to anyone else, not even their name or nationality. The only purpose for which Glance Clinic would use the data is to inform its users of special deals, promotions, events, and holiday greetings. Users can simply “unsubscribe” from our newsletter services if they wish to be taken off the chosen mailing list.

How Are Your Details Used?

The collected personal information about you will be used by Glance Clinic to tell you of our specialised services, new information, offers, discounts, and celebratory wishes as well as news and events. Email addresses and other sensitive data belonging to users of Glance Clinic will not be sold to unreliable sources or third parties.

Third Parties

We reassure our users that we never have dealt with or will ever sell their personal information to a third party. Except as required by law, we would never divulge personal information to a third party. We may also use it in a broad way, without making any specific reference to the identity or the personal data collected, for the purposes of generating marketing statistics, detecting user wants and requirements, and generally assisting in meeting customer needs. Additionally, we may use the data collected from users to enhance our website and services in general, without using it for any other purpose.

What are Cookies and how do We Use Them?

The absolute security, privacy, and integrity of the personal data sent to our website are what we want to guarantee. To reassure our users that we have employed the best security precautions, we also periodically update our security procedures to reflect modern technology.

Privacy Policy Modifications

Because we want to make sure the privacy policy is current and updated, it is very likely to undergo some changes. At any time, we have the right to change the policy. Whenever an update or alteration is published on our website, it takes effect immediately. Please check back occasionally to view our most recent privacy notice.

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